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Triple Moon Goddess Letting Go Ritual

$47.00 AUD

Triple Moon Goddess

The magick bestowed upon this creation and the other two sister candles
Creations for the three phases of the Triple Goddess.
So wherever you're at in your life there's one for each aspect. 
Letting Go is all about the waning moon and banishing anything and everything that does not serve or help you in any way.
Bring protection into your realm during the waning moon, so the next cycle beginning with the dark moon, you can begin manifesting your own magickal enchantments to come into your life
🖤  Natural Black tourmaline🖤
Cleanses and purifies, enhances energy flow, making it an excellent stone for healing, dispersing tension and stress, and removal of blockages and letting go.
  • Wormwood- psychic powers, calling spirits, protection
  • Agrimony- protection, banishes negative energy and spirits
  • Nettle Leaf- exorcism, protection, healing 
  • Chrysanthemum- protection
  • Made with love and magick 🖤
  • 50+hrs burning time
  • Forest Magick scent