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Psychic Medium Sittings

Sit with me, while I connect with Spirit to bring through a loved one.
You may encounter someone whom you didn't even think of who has passed, who wants to connect with you and give you a message.
My sessions are very private and personal and will allow you to feel that magickal connection I have with you and Spirit.
If you want to open up your intuition and connect and you’re ready to be enlightened, allow me to bring spirit through to give you answers and guidance, I can help you find the clarity and peace you’re searching for.
“I recently had a Mediumship reading from Ness. She is kind and easy to talk to. The evidence she brought through was spot on and she even got my passed loved one's name!” -Candice



Spirit Candle
Your Spirit Candle is full of magickal energy chosen by Spirit and meant only for you.
When I sit with Spirit for you, the energy coming through will show me what Spirit wants crafted for you.
I will sit with Spirit for you for at least half an hour, quite often longer before beginning your creation.
Spirit shows me the colour, fragrance, crystals, absolutely everything to use for you.
The colour may have been their favourite colour.
The fragrance may be to remind you of them or have a it may have a significant meaning.
You'll receive a handwritten note with your message from Spirit to accompany your candle, also explaining exactly what the elements in your creation signify from your loved one.

Spirit Candle with a Reading
After your reading, keep that line and connection open for you at home after you leave our closed space.
Continue to feel and experience your connection with the Spirit realm.
Crafted with all the love and magickal energy that your loved one has shown during our time together, as I channel their energy into your Spirit Candle.
The energy coming through for you during your sitting will guide me to craft Spirit's intention for you. Also includes a handwritten note.
Spirit candles are quite popular and sometimes I have a waitlist for this.
If I do I will email you to let you know.
Ness xx
Your Spirit Candle comes in a large 12oz tin in a large gift box.

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