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Step into the mystical realm of our collection, where the veil between worlds is thin, and the whispers of spirits guide your journey.

Here, amidst the tranquility and reverence, you'll find transformative Psychic Medium Readings – a sacred opportunity to connect with the wisdom and love of the spirit realm.

🔮 Psychic Medium Readings: Experience the profound connection between this world and the next as I, Ness, serve as a conduit for messages from the spirit realm. It is my deepest honour and privilege to connect you with your loved ones in spirit, offering comfort, guidance, and validation from beyond the veil.

In my intimate and personal readings, I provide a space of deep reverence and respect, where your spiritual journey is honoured and cherished. Allow me to be your guide as we explore the unseen realms together, seeking clarity, healing, and profound spiritual insights.

If you're seeking solace, understanding, and a deeper connection to the spiritual dimensions, let us embark on this sacred journey together. Find the peace, healing, and spiritual empowerment you seek through our transformative psychic sessions.


🕯️ Spirit Candle with a Reading: Immerse yourself in the profound experience of our Spirit Candle with a Reading. Each candle is crafted with meticulous care and intention, infused with the magickal energy chosen by Spirit and meant only for you. Before beginning your creation, I sit with Spirit, allowing their guidance to reveal the colours, fragrances, crystals, and every element meant to honour and connect with you or your loved one. With a personal handwritten note accompanying your candle, you'll receive messages from Spirit, explaining the significance of each element chosen just for you.

✨ Embrace the continuation of your connection with the Spirit realm as you bring your Spirit Candle home. Crafted with love and magickal energy channeled from your loved one, this candle serves as a beacon of light and a reminder of the eternal bond shared between souls. Keep the line and connection open, allowing the energies of the Spirit to guide and comfort you long after you've left our sacred space.

🌟 Please note that Spirit Candles are in high demand, and there may be a waitlist for this unique offering. If so, we'll ensure to keep you informed every step of the way, as we honor and prioritize your connection with the divine.

Blessed be, Ness XxX

✨ Each Spirit Candle comes in a large 12oz tin, beautifully packaged in a large gift box, ready to accompany you on your journey of remembrance and connection.

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