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FULL MOON- This is the most powerful phase of the entire lunar cycle. Many Witches find that the day of the Full Moon is the most magically potent day of the month.
Any and all magical purposes are favored during a Full Moon.
NEW MOON-  Manifesting Ritual- manifesting rituals are best performed on the first day of the new moon using energy vibrations. Your Vibrations.
If you manifest your intentions on the night of the new moon, they will be amplified.
Every individual crystal, in each handmade candle has been cleansed & charged by the full moon. This occurs every month.
Each handcrafted candle has been named with the corresponding meaning of the crystal placed in each one.
Use these candles in your craft to help banish and guard against negativity, connect with the full moon and the earth and manifest your desires in your own ritual.
When you first light it, may the intention you use it for help you manifest your spells & magick, and bring abundance of all forms into your life. 
Blessed Be.