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Ritual Goddess Bath Soak- Self Love- Aphrodite

$25.00 AUD

Self Love Bath Soak

Aphrodite the Goddess Of Love & Beauty- Indulgence
Love yourself, Self-forgiveness & Self-worth
Draw love & relationships towards you
Light a red candle, place flowers & rose quartz around
your bath & as you lay in the Rose Quartz infused water, 
ask the Goddess to bless your life
I AM Worthy & I Choose ME,
Let Magick work here,
Between & amongst us
Renew my soul xx


The apothecary bath range contains 100% organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.
Hand-made, measured and tested. 
Contains- Rose quartz crystal, Rose buds & petals, hibiscus, ylang-ylang, lavender, patchouli botanicals, essential oils, and dead sea salt.