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The Sea Witch

$46.00 AUD

Are you a  Sea Witch? 🐚

Do you have a magickal bond or power with the sea, weather or ocean animals? 

Reconnect yourself with your forgotten power.

Draw upon the sea to help you rekindle your magick 🐚 

Create a Sea Witch Goddess Altar with candles, shells, crystals, sand, water, reeds you find at or near the ocean, glass bottles are wonderful for keeping smaller crystals in or collecting sea water. You can show off your shells by placing sand in a bowl and shells and crystals on top.  

Use the element of water in your craft spells and rituals

  • Fluorite- Connects you to Earth, Sea & Sky
  • Sea shells- Spiritual connection, protection 
  • Cornflowers- Growth, creativity, self-knowledge
  • Scullcap- Love, fidelity, peace
  • Sea Salt- removes negativity 
  • Bio glitter
  • Made with Love and Wiccan Magick
  • 50+ hrs burn time
  • Marine & Moss scent