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The Sea Witch

$46.00 AUD

The Sea Witch

Are you a  Sea Witch? 🐚

Do you have a magickal bond or power with the sea, weather or sea animals? 

Reconnect yourself with your forgotten power.

Draw upon the sea to help you rekindle your magick 🐚 

Create a Sea Witch Alter. 

Use the element of water in your witchcraft spells

  • Fluorite- Connects you to Earth, Sea & Sky
  • Sea shells- Spiritual connection, protection 
  • Cornflowers- Growth, creativity, self-knowledge
  • Scullcap- Love, fidelity, peace
  • Sea Salt- removes negativity 
  • Bio glitter
  • Made with Love and Wiccan Magick
  • 50+ hrs burn time
  • Marine & Moss scent