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The Rule Of Three

$47.00 AUD

(The rule of three), otherwise known as the Threefold Law is part of many but not all Wiccan traditions. It states that every magical act sent out into the universe whether positive or negative will be returned to the witch three times. This is somewhat akin to the concept of karma found in some eastern religions, but with a western twist, as it applies a specific equation (three times) to the return of the energy sent out by the practitioner. Some people believe that the magical work will be returned in three individual instances.

There are different interpretations of the Threefold Law.

One may believe three consecutive things will come about, whilst others believe the power is three times multiplied.

You decide...

  • Karma palm stone 
  • Bergamot Slice- money
  • Cinnamon Stick- success, healing, power, love, protection, psychic powers
  • Hawthorne Berries- happiness
  • Juniper Berries- protection, health, love, anti-theft
  • Red Sage Root- love, money, protection 
  • Hibiscus- lust, love, divination
  • Chrysanthemum- protection
  • 50+ hrs burn time
  • Persian Lime & Lemongrass scent