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The Forest Witchling

$38.00 AUD

🌿  Be In Tune With The Earth Green Witch 🌿

The Forest Witchling has a strong connection to the earth, nature, animals, and all living things.
Drawing upon these natural energies to create magickal things in your realm ✨
Using the flow of energy from the earth will allow you to embrace the natural forces of nature. 
Do you see the nature spirits?
 Promoting healing, harmony, and balance.
Out of this world pieces of petrified wood adorn the 12oz size with moss agate chips.
Moss Agate, resembling the elements of nature to allow that connection.
Elemental herbs, star anise, berries, oak bark, moss, comfrey root, and nettle leaf. 
8oz and 10oz fragranced with cedar forest.
12oz fragranced with Red Cedar & Sage.
30+, 50+ 70+hrs burning time 

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