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Spirit Quartz Pendants

$95.00 AUD

Spirit Quartz is a stone that can give you purification, protection, and spiritual evolution.
As a potent aid in meditative practices, each Spirit Quartz channels high frequencies of light that invite a deeper concentration and insight. This stone does not merely give you a glimpse of awareness and clarity, rather, it parts the veils of the mind, revealing a realm of extraordinary understanding that lies within you.
This enchanting stone is a beacon for spiritual growth and enlightenment. As you journey through the ebb and flow of life, meeting challenges with grace and resilience, your own Spirit Quartz guides your spirit.
When you feel restless or unsettled, this stone whispers a soothing lullaby of harmony and balance, pacifying the waves and stilling the waters of your existence.

Measuring 36cm long, handcrafted with amethyst beads and moss green waxed polyester cotton- adjustable length.

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