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Spirit Guides

$38.00 AUD

Every Desert Rose is believed to contain a Spirit Guardian,

so you could think of it like an amulet of protection.

Connect with the energies of Desert Rose and your Spirit Guardian and see where they guide you all the while protecting you on your journey.

Spirit guides are not always of human descent. Some spirit guides live as energy, in the cosmic realm, or as light beings, very high-level spirit guides.

Infused with Bladderwrack for protection and psychic powers.

 Marigold, which has an immortal life force, symbolising the undying spirit and will give cheer to the departing souls. 

Wormwood clears the psychic channels and can be used for astral travel and channeling.

Raspberry & Rosewater fragrance
Sweet raspberry aroma with effervescent ginger notes
and rosebud combine to make this energetic fragrance!
A sparkling aldehydic accent creates a fizzy effect for the
citrus top notes of bergamot and orange to open this blend.
Juicy melon combine with vanilla accents while a base of white sandalwood surrounds the fragrance.
8oz 30+ hrs burning time in a tiffany blue tin

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