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Release & Clearing Spell

$38.00 AUD

Release what no longer serves you... 
Then manifest.
With a clear mind that Yellow Calcite gives you, it will help assist you to connect with your own spirit guides, enhancing meditation and activating your higher self to link in.
This stone also boosts self-confidence and gives hope in many ways. Heals sorrow, and grief and helps with depression. Prosperity, abundance, and positive blessings.
As you release the old, the brass key represents opening the lock to the new.
Adorned with Butterfly pea flowers, rose petals, and meadowsweet.
Fragranced with rose and geranium 
Love, divination, peace, and happiness.
A spell you can chant when lighting your Release & Clearing Spell Candle
Blessed Goddess of love and light
Please come and help me on this night
Release the feelings of dark and gloom
I no longer need them in this life
Help me clear out this space
Inside me and around me
I see the energy helping me move 
Let me be renewed and guided
Into the new realm of my life
Blessed be The Goddess
So mote it be
As the Goddess (moon) moves into her waning phase, until the dark moon, this is the most potent time to clear and release old or stagnant energy which you have no use for and doesn’t help you in any way.
This may be energy around you or within you.
The powerful energy Yellow Calcite is infused with, will help clear out unwanted energy within yourself, accumulated self-doubt, clear your mind, open up a clean emotional state, and allow you to access your inner wisdom. 
As this occurs, you will find you will have a much clearer vision of what you want your magickal to manifesting to be for the month ahead.
The clearer your mind is when doing this will allow you to set specific intentions and it will be more likely for magick to ensue.
I’m often asked why sometimes manifesting doesn’t work. 
More often than not, the reason for this is that a specific and extremely clear magickal intention has not been set. 
If your mind isn’t clear and you’re not really sure or know what you want, the intention you send out to the universe won’t come to fruition.
Be specific!
Fragranced with Sweetpea & Jasmine

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