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Protection & Peace Crystal Forest

$109.00 AUD

Amazonite is a stone of peace, truth, harmony, and communication.
Black obsidian and black tourmaline, boosts the home’s energy grid and its natural protective boundaries while grounding it to the Earth’s energies.
This stone radiates blue rays full of rejuvenating vibrations that are here to calm the heart. Any environment that Amazonite is placed in will calm the energy and fill the air with positive energies.
It’s been called the “peacemaker stone” due to its communicative abilities.
Our heart and throat become linked, thus allowing the truest thoughts to surface and be spoken with ease. This crystal provides flowing energies just like the river in which its found.
Amazonite encourages adventure, love, inspiration, and free speech. Let this stone calm the environment and dispel any negative energies that may be near.
Measuring 29cm

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