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Peaceful Sleep Spell (March)

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Stop feeling tired all the time and sleep more peacefully..
I've created this "sleep" spell candle just for you.  

Combining the properties of purifying amethyst, dreamy lavender, the protection and peace of agrimony, sea shells to remind you of peaceful waves of calm flowing over you, then infused with the magickal earthy scent of sandalwood.

Sleeping with amethyst is highly purifying for your aura, giving you healing energy for your dreams, promoting deep sleep and attunes your brainwaves to the frequency of just being calm.


When you take your match to light her 3 wicks this is what I want you to say...

As the night sky fills

with darkness and those

around me sleep,

May Witches and Faeries

watch over me

and The Goddess

bring me peace.

Instill in me great kindness

in thought and word and deed

and bless those all around me

as I will, so mote it be.


This will be sent with your candle xx


70+ hrs burn time