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Rejuvenate & energize everything!

Every witch should have more than one citrine in their collection.

The uses for citrine are endless...

Spiritual growth ☆ Confidence ☆ Energy ☆ Truth ☆ Success ☆ Stability ☆ Protection ☆ Creativity ☆ Prosperity ☆ Joy ☆ Happiness ☆ Strength☆ 



CITRINE- Enhances mental clarity, dream recall, activates creativity, encourages self-expression & financial prosperity.
Citrine the 'merchant stone.'
If you are looking to bring more money into your life, using a citrine can be an easy way to help align yourself with wealth and abundance. 
Some say keeping a citrine in your cash register, pocket, or purse will not only attract wealth but help maintain it as well.
Organic rose buds- Love, healing, love divination
Mallow flowers- Love, protection
Hibiscus petals- Divination, dreams
30+ hrs burning time
Unveil fragrance 

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