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Lilith Goddess of the Night

$62.00 AUD

Reclaim your power

Lilith is an icon, symbol, and representation of a dark goddess and feminine identity, feminine sexuality, liberation, and empowerment.

Assert your independence and self-confidence with Lilith's power. 

Many tales of mysterious lore surround this majestic Goddess.

Portrayed to be a demon, scary, hag-like, and feared.

This energy was once used against this Dark Goddess,

it is now being used by her, to defend herself.

 You can use this intensely powerful energy, protectively for yourself.

 In Medieval Jewish lore the Alphabet of Sirach, Lilith is Adam's first wife, before Eve.

She was his equal. Both are crafted from the earth.

Although Adam tried to have her submit to him, she refused to succumb to being inferior.

She asserted her strength and will.

Because of this she was shamed and banished from the Garden of Eden forever.

Lilith's name is synonymous with Screech Owl in Hebrew

and will often manifest in the form of a Great Owl, her sacred animal.

Work with the Owl spirit guide or owl familiar spirit in your practice to honour Lilith and explore all that she can offer you.

 Lilith is a goddess of the moon. 

Therefore, by working with the moon’s phases in your life and magick, you’re invoking her lunar energy.

Moon magick is pleasing to Lilith and her favorite phases are the Waning and Dark Moon.

She is a healer and a lover and one who can provide comfort and support to those in need.

She is very pro-independence and will help you rise up in your power and increase your self-image and self-confidence.

Lilith is the protector of women and children (especially babies)

Offerings for Lilith

Lilies, frankincense, dragon’s blood, water, wine, tea, aphrodisiacs, doll babies, mirrors, hands, candles, images of owls, snakes, cats, dogs, bats, dragons, and spiders. blood, roses, pomegranates, hibiscus, nettle, almond, mugwort, hazel, moonwort, mistletoe, juniper, pumpkin, gourd, beetroot, white and red sandalwood, lime, hemlock, cocoa, weeping willow, dragonwort, nightshade, amaranth, cinnamon, chrysanthemum, lotus, rosemary, saffron.

Colours- Black, Purple, Orange, Gold, Red, Magenta, Dark Pink, Blood Red, Silver, Dark Grey


The Lilith Candle offering for your altar consists of- Mugwort, dragons blood, rose petals, garnet, labradorite, and black obsidian. 



Fragranced with mulled wine
70+hrs burning time


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