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Labradorite Pendant Choker

$130.00 AUD

Tied to the spectacular gold and green luminescence of the Aurora Borealis,

Labradorite connotes a mysterious and ethereal quality, resplendent in its ever-changing hues. Originating from the turbulent winds of the Northern Lights and native to the Labrador area of Canada, this gemstone's restorative powers are based on tapping into one's own ingenious potential and aligning with the soul's loftier elements. Spectacular blues, lush greens, scintillating golds, and subtle smoky nuances adorn this healing crystal's surface, a symbol that the finest therapeutic stones often share a connection with all natural elements: the solid ground, the deep ocean, the vast sky, and the brilliant stars.

Crafted with waxed polyester cotton,

Made to wear as a choker.

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