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Intuition is a form of awareness without conscious thought.

The Intuition creation is for you to increase your ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.
Some people are aware that they have this ability, but for many others, it may be an unrecognized gift.
Caribbean Calcite awakens your psyche, allowing you to utilize your spiritual skills and raise awareness.

Cats claw clears obstructions from the various channels, physical and spiritual, that block our flow, the harmonious flow of 'Chi'.
Passionflower can be used for meditation, to help calm an overactive mind so you can concentrate better on the stream of energy coming in through your psychic centers
Mallow for cooling and soothing the mind and is also useful for stimulating the heat of passion.
All combined with Caribbean calcite and a fragrance to stimulate the senses will help strengthen your intuition.


Fragranced with Island Waters
Limited Edition
A bright floral fragrance

For lovers of:
- Magnolia and white flower bouquets
- Tropical, Reef getaways surrounded by fresh wildflowers

Top notes: Green notes

Heart notes: Lily, Orchid, Magnolia

Base notes: Musk, Cedarwood
 8oz- 30+hrs burning time in a tiffany blue tin
10oz- 50+hrs burning time in white tin

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