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Abundance Wand

$170.00 AUD

Feel the power of wealth and abundance flow into your life with this Forked Abundance Wand

The large citrine point is wrapped together with three feathers, and the clear quartz cluster is charged with positive energy as it absorbs light.
This light is then reflected in other areas of your life, helping you to see the abundance of opportunities that may have been hidden before this wand's creation.
Where the two join at the fork, is where their energies combine into a highly charged tool for manifesting, activating the law of attraction, and opening the channels for prosperity.

The feathers symbolize truth, that which must rise; also of lightness, the heavens, spaciousness, and flight to the other realm.

This powerful, protective wand provides insight and abundance.
Citrine attracts abundance into your life by bringing out the best in everyone and everything around you.
Quartz clears negative energy, blocks psychic attacks, and absorbs negative vibrations into its crystalline lattice.
Use this as a wand when doing any type of healing or when you need to see the positivity in things.
Blessed Be
107cm high

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