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Chevron Amethyst Mini Slab Pendant

$45.00 AUD

Chevron Amethyst pendant radiates spiritual vibes and a divine energy.
It boosts your personal illumination and provides mental clarity.
Guarding against detrimental energy, promoting tranquility and equilibrium.
Its unique shape and distinctive V pattern it encourages the flow of positive energy.
Chevron amethyst is an essential crystal for connecting to one's higher self, providing protection on all levels. This pendant can connect you to the divine world, helping to unlock your true potential and foster spiritual development.
Wear it every day to take advantage of its powerful metaphysical properties and reap the benefits of crystal healing.

Measuring 36cm this adjustable piece is the perfect embodiment of crystal power.
Handcrafted with waxed polyester cotton, silver beads, adjustable.

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