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Calm and Tranquil

$38.00 AUD

If you feel like you need an abundance of calming and soothing vibes then you’ve found the one!
Place this candle in your room or anywhere you feel like re-energizing. The stunning blue and white incorporated in Sodalite will calm your mind, body, and soul so that you can see your reality from a higher more serene perspective.
Sodalite brings harmony and purpose to your life with less stress, and anxiety by allowing you to release anger and frustration.
Emotionally balances panic attacks, allowing peace to feel possible again in all areas of life

Mallow- inspires optimism, vitality, attract success, protection, dispels negativity

Lavender- sleep, purification, happiness, peace


Clear Quartz to amplify the effects of your intention

Fragranced with Oh So Pretty

Top notes- Orange

Mid Notes- Magnolia, passionfruit, Lily, Peony

Base Notes- Musk Amber




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