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Bronze Maiden Mother Crone Triple Moon Pagan Trinket Box

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Keep your most treasured belongings safe by the power of the Mother, Maiden, and Crone

From alternative brand Nemesis Now's giftware collection this circular box features an image of the three Goddesses under a Triple Moon symbol.

The lower part of the box is divided into three sections.
Each row features knot patterns of different styles and sizes.
The lid's main focus is on the portrait of the three women.
At the left of the scene, the young woman wears A flowing blue robe and holds her hands out as a small bird lands. Above her, the tree is blooming, and there is a waxing crescent moon, symbolizing youth and growth.
The middle woman is a little older and wears flowing red robes, her hands cupping her pregnant stomach. The moon above her is full symbolizing fertility and the creation of new life.
On the left, this older woman wears purple robes and holds an owl. The tree is withered and has a waning crescent moon, symbolizing her wisdom and mastery of magic. The outer edge of the box features networks of small knots on a green base.
Cast in high-quality resin before being painstakingly hand-painted, this box would be at home in any Pagan household.
  • Pagan Triple Moon Goddess Box.
  • Representing the cycle of life and rebirth.
  • Cast in high-quality resin.
  • Painstakingly hand-painted.

Please Note: This product is hand-painted. Each polyresin product created by Nemesis Now is hand-painted, each product may have slight differences in appearance.

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