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Blessed Home & Family

$38.00 AUD

Place your Blessed Home & Family candle on your altar or find a quiet place where you will be left alone.

Take at least 15 minutes to calm your mind, breathe and ground yourself. Preferably with bare feet. 

You will find the longer you sit, the calmer your breath will become. See your house and surroundings being blessed with the purest light from The Goddess, where communication between family members and friends who visit be pure and truthful.

 Let old grudges go and communicate openly and clearly knowing you are blessed and protected by The Goddess and all that is nature. 

Amazonite will make it easier for you to express yourself when something is bothering you. Help you open up and also inspire empathy and compassion.


Calendula- Better communication

Passionflower and lemon balm- Friendships

Angelica Root- Healing

Rose- Love

Coco Loco fragrance


A chant you can say when lighting your

Blessed Home & Family Spell candle.

Blessed Goddess of love and light,

Bring me the clarity of second sight.

As flame lights shadow and truth ends fear,

for all family and friends who visit here.

Let us live a harmonious life,

With flame of fire and flame of light.

Remove the past and let it go.

Let this family circle glow, with

truth be told for all to know

As above so below.

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