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Banjara Incense

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Banjara Incense is a traditional incense brand with an emphasis on pure and natural ingredients.

Use these incense sticks for rituals, spells, and prayers.

Frankincense- The Raven- Credited for having tricked the owl and giving fire to man, putting the Sun and the Moon in the sky and trees and rivers on land. Tricky, mischievous, and at times greedy.

Mayan Copal- The Aztec Serpent, Quetzalcoatl- A powerful god thought to be the protector of the world. The god of learning and knowledge, creativity, fertility, even the patron god of Priesthood in the Aztec culture

Cinnamon- The Crocodile- Often depicted as a mythical creature that was part toad, part fish, and part crocodile. According to Aztec belief, this fearsome creature's body was used to form the earth, making it one of the first "godly" creatures. It represents creation.

White Sage- The Thunderbird- Known as Caller of Rain, Mystical, Leadership, Known to make lightning and thunder with the blink of an eye or flap of its wings.

Dragonblood- The Euetzpalin- Governed by the trikster, it is the provider to tonalli (shadow soul) life energy. It signifies rapid reversal of fortune. It is a good day to work on your reputation through actions, not words.

Palo Santo- The Jaguar- The Jaguar symbolizes the highest Aztec deities and was worshipped by the Aztecs. The Big Cat was revered by the Aztecs and warriors used the skin of a jaguar as their costumes

Patchouli- The Salmon- It symbolically represents the provider, instinct, persistence, dependability, and renewal. Family-centered, it also represents the different clan.

Mayan Myrrh- The Warrior- The Warrior represents the afterlife. The warrior was thought to draw his strength and courage from the eagle. They also represented the tribal origin of the warrior. 

Nag Champa- Aak- The Turtle- The symbol of good luck! They are associated with long life, protection, and fertility. The turtle can live on land and in water hence serve as mediators between them.

Wild Rose- The Quetzal- Quetzal means precious or sacred in several Mesoamerican languages, so it's no surprise this bird was considered divine. The quetzal is associated with the snake god Quetzalcoatl and see as a symbol for goodness and light.

Benzoin- The Wolf- Loyalty, success, perseverance, powerful, heals humans that are sick, teacher, pathfinder,, and survivalists. 

Cedar Pine- Aztec Quauhtli- The Eagle of the Aztec Empire, symbolizes courage, power and bravery. This large fearless bird was a symbol of power to the warriors. The sun's journey from night to day was a representation of an eagle's flight.

Arruda Rue- The Dolphin- Dolphins have a special place in legends, myth and folklore. They are a symbol of protection and resurrection. The symbolism represents Harmony and Balance, Peace and Protection, Playfulness and Joy inner Strength and Co-operation.

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