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Angelic Tranquility & Love Ritual

$38.00 AUD

Looking for love or just need more self-love?

This creation brings a peaceful and tranquil energy to the home, encouraging unconditional love, motivation and self-forgiveness. It has a calming effect on the heart chakra and helps you to be present in your life.
Place this candle next to your bed or in the relationship area of your home and let her weave her magick.
Angelica root- Courage, protection, health, love, divination, exorcism
Mugwort- Healing, protection, strength
Star anise- Luck
Rosebuds- Love healing, love, divination
Jasmine flowers- Spiritual Love, money, prophetic dreams
Hollyberry and Cinnamon fragrance
This fragrance is very sophisticated and strong.
 Bright but earthy with strong jasmine notes.
 Top notes: Merlot Grape, Wild Strawberry, Vanilla Blossom
Mid notes: Grapevine, Jasmine Petal, Cedar Leaf
Base notes: Cinnamon Bark, White Oak, Fluid Musk

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