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Angelic Tranquility & Love Ritual

$38.00 AUD

Searching for love or in need of some self-care?

This ritual brings a tranquil and peaceful aura to your living space, helping to inspire self-love, motivation, and inner-forgiveness. Its relaxing vibes will aid in balancing your heart chakra and help you stay in the present.

Set this candle near your bed or in a corner of your home that symbolizes your relationship and let it work its magick.
Angelica root- Courage, protection, health, love, divination, exorcism
Mugwort- Healing, protection, strength
Star anise- Luck
Rosebuds- Love healing, love, divination
Jasmine flowers- Spiritual Love, money, prophetic dreams
Hollyberry and Cinnamon fragrance
This fragrance is very sophisticated and strong.
 Bright but earthy with strong jasmine notes.
 Top notes: Merlot Grape, Wild Strawberry, Vanilla Blossom
Mid notes: Grapevine, Jasmine Petal, Cedar Leaf
Base notes: Cinnamon Bark, White Oak, Fluid Musk

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