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Amphitrite The Goddess Of The Sea

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Greek Mythology Goddess Of The Sea

Amphitrite was the Goddess of the sea, fish & shellfish.
She was sometimes represented as riding on marine animals & sometimes drawn by them.
She was very much like Aphrodite although was distinguished from her by a net holding her hair and by the claws of a crab on her forehead.
Her husband was Poseidon & the symbols that represent her are fish & dolphins.  
The ingredients chosen are all ones associated with her, including the scent and colour of the wax. 
Amazonite-  Promoting peace & inner harmony. It will also help you if there’s something you want to manifest in your life. 
Balances your male & female energies. It’s the stone of truth & courage.
Once you find that it will also help you to keep it. 
  • Angelica root- Protection, healing, visions
  • Star anise- Luck
  • St John’s wort- Protection, strength, divination, happiness, love
  • Rosebuds- Love healing, love, divination
  • Mugwort- Strength, protection, healing
  • Lavender- Purification, peace, happiness, protection, love, sleep
  • Sea shells-Healing, balance, growth and symbolize the moon and water


Surf Side fragrance

Salty sea air on a sunny, saltry day
Top notes: Mandarin, Green
Heart notes : Jasmine
Base notes: Marine, Oakmoss

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