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Amber Pendants

$150.00 AUD

The Power of Amber
Amber - a mere word, yet holding such grandeur. It's a gentle teacher and a wise mentor, a guiding hand on your journey towards heightened intuition and uninhibited self-expression.
You'll find beneath the charm of this radiant stone, a pathway to your natural intuition, a whispering voice of wisdom waiting to be heard.

Primarily, Amber speaks to our gut, our "second brain"; that intimate repository of attributes that define the essence of who we are. Within the tapestry of the emotional body, the gut stands as one of the deepest threads, interwoven and interconnected. Yet, without conscious nurturing and expansion of our personal knowledge, these threads might begin to wane, becoming stagnant and silent.
Amber is a living testament of Earth's turbulent adolescence and its formation in a different world. The energies of this primordial Earth were wild, volatile - a nurturing bed for life's potent and unexplainable vitality. It was a time of great creatures and towering trees, flourishing in an environment rich and fertile with elemental nutrition.

This intoxicating elixir of life-force vitality, once nourishing the wide-eyed curiosity of ancient Earth's infancy, remains encapsulated within Amber today. Its deep, golden hues whisper of the secrets of ancient times, willing to share its vibrant essence that once fuelled an exceptional and unexplainable growth.

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