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Áine Queen of The Faeries - Goddess of Summer

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Áine (pronounced AWN-yah) is an Irish name that means radiance.
The perfect name for this beautifully bright deity.
Often associated with summertime, her energy is warm, abundant, and empowering.

Many stories sprung up around the belief that Áine often turned herself into a fairy in order to mate with mortal men.

This was oftentimes done by enchantment rather than by mutual consent.

Spellbound by the goddess, these men were said to do whatever she commanded. Ultimately, the attraction was always fatal for her lovers. It was, therefore, easy to see why Catholic monks might have viewed her as an enemy of the church.

Áine is said to have given birth to a fairy race of beings, which is where she received the title Goddess of Fairies or Queen of Fairies.

She is known as the forest’s protector and their fairy realm.

Symbols Of Áine

Sun: Áine is a sun goddess, often celebrated along with the Summer Solstice. 

She is strongly identified with this event, on which night torchlight processions are still held in honor of her. Bonfires and torches were traditionally lit on that night, and it was believed that the faery folk carried lights, led by goddess Áine.

Horses: The horse is a solar animal, pulling the chariots of several gods in European lore, such as Apollo, and being sacred to The Morrigan. Embodying freedom and strength.

White swan: The Goddess’ sacred animal is the swan as it was said that Áine could shapeshift into this bird and sometimes wore a cloak made from swan feathers. Swans were sacred to bards, and their feathers and skin were used to create ceremonial cloaks called tugen.

Moon: Some sources say she is a Moon Goddess. It’s likely that she was connected to both the sun and the moon, or that her identity may have later become merged with the Goddess Anu.

  • Colors: Orange, Yellow, Green, Red
  • Crystals: Sunstone, Moonstone, Silver, Garnet, Clear Quartz
  • Symbols: Horses, Sun, Moon, Water, Swan
  • Planets: Sun and Moon
  • Season: Summer
  • Elements: Air and Water
  • Music: The Harp
  • Day: Sunday
  • Plant: Oak, Moss, Easter Lilies


Áine Prayer
“Áine, goddess of love, fairy queen, as day passes into night and night passes into day, hear my prayer. Give me the courage to stay true to my heart. To birth that which I am called to do. Help me to know my gift, and share it with the world. In this I pray, thank you, Áine!”


I've chosen these particular crystals,and herbs, and colour as they are all associated with the Goddess Áine.

Moonstone, Garnet, Clear Quartz, Oak bark, Moss, Feathers, Mushroom


12oz 70+hrs burning time. 

Raspberry & Rosewater Fragrance 

Sweet raspberry aroma with effervescent ginger notes and rosebud combine to make this energetic fragrance!

A sparkling aldehydic accent creates a fizzy effect for the citrus top notes of bergamot and orange to open this blend.

Juicy melon combine with vanilla accents while a base of white sandalwood surrounds the fragrance.

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