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Smudging is a ritual of purifying, protecting, and blessing.

Prayers are offered to the Great Spirit, asking for guidance and blessings in all aspects of life. The smoke from burning herbs has a direct effect on one's energy field, cleansing you physically and spiritually. Smudge sticks are fragrant bundles of dried herbs bundled in colorful ribbons that contain sacred herbs used to cleanse an area or create an atmosphere conducive to meditation or prayer. Sage is excellent for clearing negative energies from your matter how big or small it may be!"


When done place your sage in the garden or a pot plant with the lit end pushed into the earth.
This will extinguish it and also ground and earth it for the next time.
Black sage
White sage
Cedar & yellow sinuata
Sweetgrass Braid
Palo Santo/ Holy Wood
Rose Petals & white sage
Blue sage
Cedar & white sage
Juniper & white sage
Lavender & white sage 
Peppermint & white sage
Rosemary smudge
Copal & white sage
Dream sage
Sandalwood copal smudge


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