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Wiccapedia Spell Deck

$45.00 AUD

A compendium of 100 Spells & Rituals for the modern-day witch
Empower your life with magick every day
With 100 key spells and rituals, this accessible, beautiful deck has everything you need at your fingertips to cast spells positively for better results.
Whether you practice lightly and cast the occasional spell here and there or immerse yourself completely you'll find the perfect spell in one of these ten popular categories:
Cleanse & Purify
Money & Careers
Pets & Nature
Includes a 100-card spell deck and booklet covering the basics on how to use the cards, cast a spell, prepare a Modern-Day Witch's tool kit, and practice moon-phase magick.
Each card features stunning artwork on the front and simple instructions for a spell or ritual on the back.