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True Bliss

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Tune in to the earth's vibration.
Only when you are one with nature, the ocean, and spirit, will you find your true place in the world, allowing you to find True Bliss within yourself. 
Ask yourself, are you exactly where and what you want to be?
Think about that for a moment before you answer...
Blessed Be Sister xx


  • Lepidolite spiritual properties will shine a light on your spiritual path and guide you on your journey keeping you balanced & in tune with the earth.
  • Allowing you to follow your true bliss when the world gets too busy
  • Helps to restore balance & harmony within you.
  • Passionflower- Peace, sleep, friendships
  • St John's Wort- Health, protection, strength, happiness
  • Vervain- Protection, purification, peace
  • Handmade with Love and Magick
  • Cashmere scent