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Transition, Strength & Healing Ritual

$38.00 AUD

Soul Memory Guiding You Through Your Transition 

Transitions in any part of your life can be a lot of hard work, but very rewarding.
Take the time you need to do this and heal.
From there you will find your own inner strength ❤, become stronger, wiser, happier, and learn to enjoy what you so deserve

Let this creation be a reminder for you to do that ❤
Ruby Zoisite- Ruby is the stone of strength and courage and banishes any stress and anxiety you carry with you every day. Will impart growth and help you understand the world around you in a more positive way. Stimulating a feeling of happiness and appreciation.


Rosebuds- Love, healing, love divination
Hawthorne berries- Magick, happiness, chastity
Goats Rue- Healing, health 
Pink cornflower petals- Spiritual connection 
Star anise- Luck, power
Outback Drover fragrance

For lovers of:
- Spiced Rum
- Leather
- Tobacco Vanilla / Log Cabin

Top notes: Spice, Leather

Heart notes : Plum, Tobacco, Vanilla, Bourbon

Base notes: Amber and Musk

50+hrs burning time

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