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Transition, Strength & Healing Ritual

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Soul Memory Guiding You Through Your Transition 

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Ruby Zosite- Ruby is the stone of strength and courage and banishes any stress and anxiety you carry with you everyday. Will impart growth and help you understand the world around you in a more positive way. Stimulating a feeling of happiness and appreciation.

 Rhodonite- is a stone of love, self-love, forgiveness and compassion. Balancing emotional wounds and scars from days past.

It gently heals and soothes emotional stress and improves self worth. Allowing recovery from emotional wounds. Brings joy and heals the heart, allowing you to love yourself and others unconditionally.



  • Made with love & magick 🖤

  • Rose buds- love, healing, love divination

  • Hawthorne berries- magick, happiness, chastity

  • Goats Rue- Healing, health 

  • Pink cornflower petals- spiritual connection 
  • Star anise- luck, power
  • Biodegradable glitter 


  • Made with love & magick
  • Holly Berry & Cinnamon