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Enchanting, Captivating & Bewitching

is the Spellbound creation.

Embellished with Chevron Amethyst, Jasmine, Lavender, and Juniper Berries and infused with the fragrance of Red Velvet Cupcakes.

This must-have creation 🌸  will have you mesmerized with purples, pinks, and the pale yellow of jasmine.

The V-shaped white bands in chevron amethyst will help you to strengthen and enhance your connection as the amethyst calms and relieves your mind. You can then use your own intuitive energy while the lavender and juniper berries give protection and the jasmine allows prophetic dreams.
Jasmine- Money, love, prophetic dreams
Lavender- Peace, purification, happiness, protection, love, sleep 
Juniper berries- Protection, love, health

Fragranced with Red velvet Cupcakes

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