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Rituals & Sabbats

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Lady Passion, High Priestess & *Diuvei, High Priest Coven Oldenwilde

Written by the High Priestess and High Priest of Coven Oldenwilde, this book vividly describes their ten favorite Sabbat rituals, gatherings, and observances. They also teach:

  • How to perform a full ritual in detail
  • Circle etiquette and preparation
  • How to create an altar and use altar tools
  • Scripts for covens and groups, spellwork, and more

In addition, Lady Passion and *Diuvei cover Esbats, which are typically Witches' study and working meetings. Whether you're a Solitary creating a secret rite, or part of a Coven creating a private or public ritual, this book offers an authoritative introduction to the subject.

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