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Protection & Purification

$67.00 AUD

BLACK TOURMALINE- A highly protective crystal. Cleanses and purifies, enhances energy flow, making it an excellent stone for healing, dispersing tension and stress and removal of blockages.

Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which repels and blocks negative energies and psychic attack. ... Black Tourmaline will cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. A popular metaphysical stone.

  • Made with love & magick 🖤
  • 2 large pieces of natural black tourmaline 
  • Witch Hazel- Protection
  • St John’s Wort- Protection, strength, divination, happiness, love 
  • Wormwood-  Psychic powers, calling spirits, protection
  • Lavender- Sleep, purification, happiness, peace


  • Biodegradable glitter
  • Double cotton wick 
  • Coconut and soy wax 
  • Extra Large glass jar
  • Pet friendly
  • Handmade
  • 80+ hrs burn time
  • Blue Spruce scent