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Talisman of Protection

$38.00 AUD

The ever bewitching energies overflowing from this creation will cleanse your space, absorb negativity and purify, but that's not all...
She is also a protector, healer, dispersing tension and stress by enhancing energy flow and repelling, and blocking negative energy.
Natural black tourmaline 
Witch Hazel- Protection
St John’s Wort- Protection, strength, divination, happiness, love 
Wormwood-  Psychic powers, calling spirits, protection
Lavender- Sleep, purification, happiness, peace
Moonlight Amber fragrance 
This fragrance is a rare addictive dark essence of black orchid, frankincense, myrrh and amber. It is sensual and mysterious and will stimulate all the senses with birch tar and patchouli.

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