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New Moon Intention Wiccan Wishes

$47.00 AUD

Set your intentions for the month ahead..

The night of the New Moon is the best time for a little magick to make your wishes come true.
In the evening, after dark, take a candle, a piece of paper & pen.
Light the candle. Look into the flame while you take some time to think of your wish.
Write your wish on the paper.
Close your eyes & "see" your wish coming true.
Believe that it will come true.
It will come true. Burn your paper in the flame.
Look up into the the sky allowing the New Moon energy to envelop you.
Then bathe yourself in the New Moon Ritual Soak to allow the energy you have just given out, come back to you three-fold, completing your ritual.
  • WISH palm stone
  • Cinnamon stick-  success, healing, power, love, protection, psychic powers
  • Bergamot- Money
  • Hibiscus- Dreams, divination
  • Juniper Berries- Protection, love
  • Hawthorne Berries- Happiness
  • Red Sage Root- Immortality, wishes, protection, wisdom
    Chrysanthemum- Protection
  • Bergamot and teakwood scent
  • 50+hrs

The apothecary bath range contains 100% organic and sustainably sourced ingredients.
Hand made, measured and tested. 


Contains- Clear Quartz crystal, Chrysanthemum, Chamomile & Jasmine flowers, Bergamot, essential oils, Dead sea salt.