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Messages From Spirit

$47.00 AUD

Do you often experience anomalies and wonder what they mean?
Have you heard or felt like something is there and trying to tell you something?
These are messages from the other side...
Spirit is trying to communicate with you.
You should take notice because there is always a message for you.
Most people just brush it off and don't allow themselves to accept that these small anomalies are specifically for them.
You're not most people though.
You are intrigued and want to know what they mean for you.
Messages From Spirit will help you decipher those little signs and get you thinking about what those messages mean.
I will also shuffle the cards.
The first one that falls out of the deck will be yours and sent with your candle to support you. 
Angelite facilitates contact with your angels and spirit guides and helps to connect with your higher self.
It is a very powerful communication stone when it comes to connecting to other realms & frequencies.
Hibiscus flower- Lust, divination, & love

Wormwood aka Absinthe- Psychic powers, protection, love & calling spirits
Meadowsweet- Love, divination, peace & happiness

Fragranced with Stardust or Alchemy
10oz burning time 50+ hours
The herbs and botanicals chosen, are the foundation to support the intent of the candle. They are not randomly chosen.