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Lodolite aka Garden Quartz

$75.00 AUD

Embodying the profound wisdom of eons past, this precious amulet binds you to your ancestral lineage and unveils the secrets once locked away within the chambers of time. Through this intimate connection with your past lives, you can unearth vital lessons and knowledge, cultivating growth in your present incarnation.
Beneath the soft, luminous glow of the Quartz, lies the power to amplify your grounding energies, creating a sacred space for expansion of your consciousness. As you delve into the tranquil world of meditation, guided by the gentle energy from lodolite, your soul embarks on a transformative ascension, reimagining your essence and rediscovering your true path.
Let the Ancient Wisdom Quartz Amulet become your guiding compass, leading you towards the fulfillment of your highest aspirations. Infuse your life with sparks of joy, boundless creativity, and a deep soulful connection, as you align your intentions and energy.
Measures 30cm. Adj to 49cm
Handcrafted with waxed polyester cotton cord, moss agate beads. Adjustable.

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