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Litha ☀️

$58.00 AUD

As the wheel of the year turns...

Litha radiates the brilliant light of the longest day of the year, representing a pinnacle moment of energy.

As the Sun God reaches its highest point for the entire year, casting its warm glow the earth is filled with joy and merriment, celebrating midsummer.

Summer bathing in warm waters and long afternoons lounging in the heat on the sandy shores of the ocean.

Altar Decorations- candles, citrus fruits, lanterns, lights, summer berries, sun symbols ( wheel, cross, or disc), sunflowers

Element- Fire

Crystals- carnelian, bloodstone, citrine, clear quartz, red jasper, yellow topaz, sunstone, tiger's eye

Trees- oak, willow, birch, holly, beech

Colours- Red, orange, yellow, green, white, gold

Herbs- cinnamon, calendula, St.John's wort, clover, copal, frankincense, rosemary, saffron, sandalwood,,sunflower, daisy, stinging nettle, dragon's blood

Fragranced with Maple Pumpkin Bread and combining bloodstone, frankincense, calendula petals, cinnamon sticks, rosemary, holly, berries and st. john's wort placed as offerings, you can celebrate Litha wherever you choose to spend your days...

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