Invoking Love Spell SAVE $8
Invoking Love Spell SAVE $8
Invoking Love Spell SAVE $8
Invoking Love Spell SAVE $8
Invoking Love Spell SAVE $8

Invoking Love Spell SAVE $8

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 Invoking Love Potion Spell

The rose quartz and amethyst crystals in the  Invoking Love Potion Spell have been cleansed & charged by the full moon. 

If you find yourself drawn to this candle, be it known that I have placed intentions upon it using sage and a feather, to help your use of it bring your own desires & wishes to fruition.  

When you first light it, may the intention you use it for, bring your spells, magick, abundance & wishes to life. 

Blessed be..

Made with love and magick as always 🖤

Rose Quartz- The stone of unconditional love and infinite peace, teaching the true essence of love. It is very effective in drawing love and relationships towards you.

Place this candle next to your bed or in the relationship area of your home. 

Rose Quartz will also teach you how to love yourself, encourages self forgiveness and self worth.  Gently drawing off negative energy and sending out loving vibes. 

Amethyst- The natural tranquilizer. Extremely calming and has strong healing and cleansing powers. One of the most spiritual stones, promoting love, encouraging selflessness and balances out high and lows.

Sleeping with an amethyst under your pillow will help to bring intuitive dreams. Amethyst is wonderful for meditation.

  • Rose buds & petals- Love, healing, love divination
  • Hawthorne berries- Love, forgivness
  • Cotton wick
  • 100% soy wax
  • Reusable 8oz tin with lid
  • Pet friendly
  • Hand made
  • Tin colour white
  • 30+ hrs burn time
  • Vanilla scent 

  • Discoloured wax due to scent