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If you find yourself drawn to this candle, be it known that I have placed intentions upon it using sage and raven feathers, to help you manifest your own desires & wishes.  

When you first light it, may the intention you use it for, bring your spells, magick, abundance & wishes to life. 

Blessed be..

Open & enhance your psychic awareness.

The combination of Ruby in Fuschite is a heart chakra stone.

When you are loved & receive love this creates happiness.

  • Ruby Fuschite- enhances the connection to spiritual realms, thinning the veil between this reality and the other dimensions. Also when connecting & communicating with spirit.

  • Lavender- Purification, peace, happiness, protection, love, sleep
  • Hawthorne Berries- Love, forgiveness
  • St John's Wort- Health, protection, strength, happiness
  • Made with love and magick 🖤
  • Blue Spruce scent