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Grounding & Calming Earth Brew

$46.00 AUD

Grounding & Calming Earth Brew


PETRIFIED WOOD- The energy that comes from this stone will give you feelings of stability, security & well being. 

The earth energies present, will ground & stabilise you with calmness. 

Meditating with Petrified Wood reconnects us with Mother Earth and the natural realm.

Because Petrified Wood is so old, it has no problem assisting one in Past Life Recall. If one has endured struggles from the past or past lives that have led to insight and evolution, Petrified Wood will assist in remembering these insights


  • Jasmine flowers- Spiritual Love, money, prophetic dreams
  • Cornflower petals- Abundance, psychic awareness, self knowledge, love
  • Star anise- Luck
  • Hawthorne berries- Love, forgiveness
  • Lavender- Dream recall, relaxes the mind, communicate with fairies 
  • As always made with Love and Magick 🖤