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Glimmering Fae Energy Crystal Forest

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Offerings to the Fae 

 are how you show them you’re happy to give them things in return and genuinely be helpful.

Remember, they are not obligated to do you a favor just because you left them an offering.

Some Fae will be friendly and helpful but don’t presume all Fae to want to work with you.

Some will be kind, some will be rude, and some will be utterly uninterested in you.

You can’t command a Fae to cooperate with you any more than you can make an animal engage with you.

You must understand that not all Fae will like you. Don’t be offended, and keep your expectations in check.

The Fae are spiritual entities who have their own lives and do not exist solely for you to interact with.

Chevron Amethyst, Angel Aura Quartz, Moonstone, Sodalite, Geode, seashell with fairy stones.

Measuring approximately 18cm 

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