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Forest Moon Nymph

$60.00 AUD

The Forest Nymph symbolizes a connection to the earth, abundance, beauty, creation, and life-giving energy...

You're drawn to nature, and your soul seeks a deeper connection with the earth.
Take a deep breath, close your eyes, and imagine yourself surrounded by lush green fields of wildflowers. You’re fully in the present moment; enjoying the sweet perfume of the forest nymph as she dances through your dreams.
Step into her magickal kingdom with the enchanting scent of citrus and sage, adorned with a crescent moon crystal, green obsidian, star anise, and ivy.
Forest Moon Nymph embodies the energy of the forest, which inspires us to create beauty and abundance in our own lives. The forest nymph is bewitched with a crescent moon crystal a symbol of mystery and magic, as well as protection from harm. 
Not all moons are pictured here. You will be sent one chosen intuitively🔮

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