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Fae Shroom Crystal Forest

$98.00 AUD

Seeing a ring of mushrooms around a tree

or in an open space is often considered a sign of faeries. 

Fae like sitting on top of mushrooms so they appear to be growing out of them and blend in if anyone walks by.

There are many legends and Fae mythology surrounding fairy rings, and not all of them are good.

Some lore indicates that any person who enters a fairy ring takes on the burden of dancing with the Fae until they go insane or die of exertion.

However, finding a fairy ring is sometimes seen as good luck. It’s usually not recommended to sit inside a fairy ring, but meditating next to one can help build a close connection with the Fae.

You could also try placing an offering next to one.

Pink Opal, Rose Quartz, Geode, Rhodonite Shroom

Measuring approximately 20cm

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