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Bewitched by a Goddess? Capitve, Allure and Enrapture with The Bewitch Me box

$129.00 AUD

Members Price $90.30

Is there someone you have your eye on?
Enchant, charm and fascinate them with the Bewitch Me box!
Inside the box you will find-

Bewitch Me candle 8oz
Large Purple Pillar candle (23.5cmH x 7.5cmW)
Bewitch Me bath soak 200g
Large selenite wand
Sage smudge stick
LOVE word stone for manifesting
4 pack maxi lights
Labradorite Crystal will help you connect with spirit
Witchy Tip-fan the smoke over yourself, whilst bathing in the bath soak to envelop yourself in the full intention you want to set.
All packaged up in a large black magnetic lid closing box
Value $181
More bundles and pics on their way!

Note- the bath soak in pics is for display only. The Bewitch Me bath soak pics will be added soon.

PRE-ORDER NOW for 2 WEEKS ONLY. Closes on 27th January
All preorders will be shipped out on 1st February in time for Valentine's Day.