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New Beginnings

$47.00 AUD

 Each month we are blessed with a new moon.

Use the waxing and waning of the moon as it evokes new beginnings in cycles at all times...
New beginnings are all around you.
Infuse this into your monthly rituals knowing that nothing stays the same, we are always in a cycle and moving forward to the next beginning...
Using feminine and soothing energy, Moonstone soothes, heals, and brings calmness to help regain your power and inner balance.
The tranquility that moonstone generates has a sensual, other-worldly quality to it. Infused with a soft glow of deep vitality, creative energy, and enchantment.   
Mallow flowers- love, protection
Rosebuds- love, healing, love divination
Made with love and magick 🖤
50+ hrs burning time
Nag Champa fragrance