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Crystal Pillars

$49.00 AUD

Conjured from icicle wax with an aura all of their own,
they will give you many hours of quiet contemplation and peace.
When you watch the flame through the wax wall it's astonishing what you can see..
Rituals are another way you will use these striking pillars. 
Depending on the candle magick or ritual you are performing you may need a specific colour or fragrance.
I'll whip one up and it'll be winging it's way to you before you know it!
Just send a message.
Delectable fragrances-
Sodalite- Driftwood and sea salt
Amethyst- Mulberries
Lepidolite- Patchouli
Peridot- Basil, lime and mandarin
Pink Tourmaline- Sugar plum fairies
Garnet- Mulled berries
Black Obsidian- Pomegranate acai
Coral- Cherry vanilla
Selenite- Vanilla
Subject to change