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Detoxifying & Stress Relieving Potion

$48.00 AUD

Feeling stressed and need to tap out to recharge?

But you always think you don't have time... You do sister, just do it. 
Stop making excuses...
The calming properties exuding from this potion will allow you to recharge and detox from your day.
Take some time just for yourself, relax and allow the calming energy to filter in and around you.
Breathe it in, and allow all the stress and the day that has been, fall away into nothingness. 
AMETHYST- An extremely powerful and protective stone with a high spiritual vibration. Amethyst is a healing and cleansing stone. Promotes tranquility. An excellent stone for meditation. 
Calming, promoting love, encouraging selflessness, and balances out highs and lows. 
Sleeping with an Amethyst under your pillow will help bring intuitive dreams.
A wonderful stone for meditation.
Place this candle next to your bed and light an hour before you go to sleep.
Mallow flowers- Love, protection
Lavender- Dream recall, relaxes the mind, communicate with fairies
Star anise- luck
30+ hrs (gold)
50+ hrs (white) burning time
Indigo lavender fragrance 

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