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Mermaid Lore - The Water Spirit

$62.00 AUD

Mermaid Lore - The Water Spirit

 Mermaids are one of the most loved mythological creatures. For thousands of years they have appeared in folklore throughout the world.

They have magickal & prophetic powers, adored music and quite often sang.

Though they were mortal and they had no soul.

There are many tales surrounding mermaids, one being that men are often captivated by mermaids and follow them into the sea, only for them to then drown.

The language spoken by mermaids is called "mermish" and the longest they can be out of water without dying is a week.

Ancient lore depicts that aquamarine was believed to be the treasure of mermaids, therefore bestowing upon it the name "The Mermaid Stone".

 Aquamarine- Enhances spiritual communication and intuition

Sea Shells- Healing, balance, growth, symbolise moon and water

Rose- Psychic powers, healing, love, luck, protection

Red Sage Root- Immortality, wishes, protection, wisdom

Cornflower Petals- Growth, Love, spirituality, fertility, abundance, creativity 


Fragranced with Alchemy

An alluring fragrance.
Warming and oaky with a hint of sweetness.
Top: Orange, Peach
Mid: Violet, Iris
Base: Amber, Patchouli, Musk

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