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Cernunnos The Horned God

$47.00 AUD

Cernunnos (pronounced Kayr-nun-awss) known as
The Horned God of the animals.
Also depicted as The Green Man, Guardian of the Green World, or The Oak King.
He sits with his legs crossed beneath an ancient oak tree.
Surrounded by animals, holding the Torq of gold in one hand and his other the horned serpent.
Cernunnos is the antlered god, part man, and part stag.
He was born on the darkest day of the year, winter solstice, and marries the goddess of spring, Beltane. 
He rules over fertility, life & death, wild animals, wealth, strength, agility, hunting, courage, and protection. 
Colours, crystals, herbs, and animals associated with Cernunnos 
Colours- brown, green, gold, and silver.
Crystals- amber, peridot, clear quartz, jet, tiger's eye.
Herbs- holly leaves, juniper berries, oak leaves, grain, lavender, sunflower seeds, pine cones, acorns.
Animals- stag, horned serpent, boar, bulls, goat, the wolf, dog, rat, bear, and horse.
Honour Cernunnos by placing his candle on your altar.
Or go into the forest and listen for his call to you. 
For this creation I've chosen
Tiger's Eye
Clear Quartz
Oak Bark
Juniper Berries
Pine Cone
50+hrs burning time
Fragranced with Deep and dark notes of the forest.
Underlying note of oakmoss.

Top: clove, cedar leaf
Mid: patchouli
Base: sandalwood, oakmoss, musk