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Celebrate The Sabbat Festival of Lammas & Lughnasadh

By celebrating Lammas as a harvest holiday, we honor our ancestors and the hard work they must have had to do in order to survive. This is a good time to give thanks for the abundance we have in our lives, and to be grateful for the food on our tables. Lammas is a time of transformation, of rebirth and new beginnings.

At Lammas, also called Lughnasadh, the hot days of February are upon us, much of the earth is dry and parched, but we still know that the bright reds and yellows of the harvest season are just around the corner. Apples are beginning to ripen in the trees, our summer vegetables have been picked, corn is tall and green, waiting for us to come gather the bounty of the crop fields. Now is the time to begin reaping what we have sown, and gathering up the first harvests of grain, wheat, oats, and more.

Lugh The Celtic Craftsman God -
Lugh is honored as the champion of artistry and skills. Many artisans, musicians, bards, and crafters invoke Lugh when they need assistance with creativity. Today Lugh is still honored at the time of harvest, not only as a god of grain but also as a god of late summer storms.

Lugh was a God smithcraft and were considered to have magical gifts. They were able to master the element of fire, and mold the metals of the earth using their strength and skill.

Credit-  Patti Wigington- Pagan High Priestess

Hand poured with devotion, to honor and provide your God or Goddess' with offerings you can use on your alter or a sabbat.

These particular herbs, flowers and crystals are ones to honor Lammas with.

The ingredients used are all ones associated with Lammas, including the scent and colour of the wax.


Citrine- Enhances mental clarity, dream recall, activates creativity, encourages self expression & financial prosperity.

If you are looking to bring more money into your life, using a citrine can be an easy way to help align yourself with wealth and abundance. 
Some say keeping a citrine in your cash register, pocket, or purse will not only attract wealth, but help maintain it as well.

Carnelian- A high energy stone. It has the ability to cleanse other stones. Calms anger and banishes emotional negativity. Carnelian imparts an acceptance of the cycle of life and removes fear of death.

It gives courage, promoting positive life choices, motivates for success in business and other areas.

In ancient times carnelian was used to protect the dead on their journey to the afterlife. 


  • Juniper berries- Protection, increase psychic powers
  • Cats Claw- Healing and increases psychic powers
  • Calendula flower- Ward off evil spirits, remove negativity and keep unwanted guests away
  • Yellow rose petals- Love
  • Jasmine- Spiritual Love, money, prophetic dreams
  • Rose Gold Maple Leaf 
  • Made with Love and Magick 
  • 100% soy wax
  • Cotton wick
  • Reusable 10oz black tin
  • Pet friendly
  • Hand made and poured
  • 50+ hrs burn time
  • Maple Pumpkin Bread scent
  • Slightly discoloured wax because it 100% soy.